Hello World! 💜

We are Piepacker!

We created a platform on which you can play your favorite retro video games with your friends online 🕹️ 

We are thrilled to be coming closer to our public beta launch this summer, and we’d like to introduce ourselves to the world 🌎 

We want to recreate the feeling of playing at the arcade or at home with your friends even if you can’t get together in the same place 💻 Our purpose is to bring people together around video games which is why we integrated video chat to our platform, allowing you to see and talk to your friends while you play (text is there too if you feel like being quiet 🙊). Choose a game, create a room, send our magical link to your friends (even if they don’t have an account) and play together! Our gaming system is cloud based which allows us to keep saves of your games indefinitely. Just log into your account from any computer through Google Chrome, plug in your favorite controller (or whatever you got at hand) and start playing where you left off.

We already have a built-in catalogue of over 60 games from the NES, the SNES and the Genesis, all the way to the PlayStation 1 that will be available for free on the platform when the public beta opens in Summer 2021. We have secured distribution deals with the publishers of every single one of these games. We want to make sure creators get back their fair share of profit on their amazing creations. Our video-chat system is enhanced by AR 3D masks that we are designing and producing ourselves. They are inspired by the games we have on the platform and suggestions from our community. Collect them and show off to your friends 🎭 They will be available for purchase on the platform as soon as possible (and some of our original creations will be available for free!).

We, at Piepacker, are a small and passionate team. We all live and breathe video games and we want to share with the world what we see as the past’s best pastimes, as well as bring the future to our platform. To add to the retro classics that you’ll find on Piepacker, we are also creating our own original video games, looking to snatch any indie gem out there and will eventually include card and board games to our catalogue. Whether you want to compete with your friends or cooperate or even just show off your mastery (or lack thereof) of a game, there’s something for everyone on Piepacker! 🎆

Maybe you are nostalgic of the countless hours spent in front of your console with your friends when you were younger, or you want to discover fun games you never knew existed. Just browse through our catalogue where you’ll find games to entertain yourself for hours! Want a challenging platformer ✨? Try climbing as far as you can in Micro Mages. Want a good old fight 🥊? Find the best combos to kick your opponent down in Rage of the Dragons. Want a great game of football? Sensible Soccer ⚽ has nothing to envy younger games. Want to shoot ugly aliens 👽? The marines of Xeno Crisis are waiting for your command. And if you feel like showing your friends who’s in charge, look no further than Worms: World Party 🐛, where you will choose the best weapons to eliminate their squad before they wiggle out of your reach 🧨! 

Our partners, among which Mega Cat Studio, Codemasters, Piko Interactive, Bitmap Bureau, Team17, Interplay, Broke Studio, and Morphcat Games, have given us access to some amazing games. We value our relationships with our partners, and are thrilled to be able to bring back iconic games from the past as well as today’s best games on the lesser known indie scene. 

You will be able to help support our project and future content by subscribing to a premium membership 💎 that will give you access to extra features, such as rewind power, HD graphics, and unlimited save slots… We are first and foremost mindful of our community’s demands, which is why our roadmap is greatly influenced by users’ feedback. The majority of the first users who tested our private beta asked to be able to play their own games with their friends on the platform. Which is why we are including a Bring Your On Game 🎮 feature to our premium access, allowing you to play your own legally acquired ROMs in online multiplayer with anyone you invite.

“But what about the physical games I have?”, you ask. Well, we have you covered! We launched a Kickstarter campaign to help us finance the creation and production of the ultimate accessory to our platform: the PieReader, a modulable cartridge reader (with several adapters) to connect your collector games to Piepacker and play them with anyone you want, wherever they are, as long as you all have an internet connection 🧭 It does not require any sort of subscription to work on Piepacker.

If you want to test out our games and features early, you can secure your early access by backing our Kickstarter campaign until the 21 of May 2021 🏆 It’s also the only place where our Piereader will be available for purchase for a while, so don’t miss out on our Kickstarter exclusive design. 

Give us a like or a follow to stay updated on our project’s progress! And hopefully, you’ll come tell us what you think of it on Discord ✌️

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