Early access: everything you need to know

Thanks to our backers, our project can now move on to the next chapter of the adventure!

Whether you have already backed us on Kickstarter and are now waiting for the early access to start, or you are still considering pledging in these last few days, here’s everything you need to know about what awaits you.

When will the early access to Piepacker Beta start?

We have to wait for the Kickstarter campaign to end before we can open our platform or ship our rewards. So the access to the platform will start on the May 22 🥳 for our backers.

We will contact each backer via email (the one you used on Kickstarter) and we will share with you all the instructions you’ll need to access Piepacker Beta early. 😃 

We will do it as quickly as possible but be aware that a 24h delay may apply, depending on where you are in the world 🪐

Exclusive premium features in early access

On May 22nd, you’ll have access to our announced catalogue of 60+ games, our first original game Arsène Lupin: Gentleman Bomber 💣 and the following features:

  • Bring Your Own Game: Drag and drop your ROM on Piepacker and play your own game with your friends. For now, we support compatible NES, SNES, SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive ROMs.

Please remember that BYOG is still an experimental feature. While our team is confident that our technology will successfully support most ROMs, we’ll be counting on your feedback to help adapt our tech to cover the largest catalogue of titles possible. Please restrain from sharing any game content or links directly in our official channels: we take piracy seriously and will be monitoring them actively. If you do have a problem on a specific title, reach out to the dedicated Discord channel and flag it with our team.

  • Unlimited save states: Save at any time and resume playing from wherever you want! You can have saves depending on your advancement on the levels, the characters you picked, the friends you’ve been playing with, … there’s just no limit!
  • Local multiplayer: You’re lucky enough to have people you want to play with in the same room as you? Play with them locally, and invite other players to join you online at the same time. Our first stretch goal was reached so fast and we had enough time to implement the feature! 
  • Surprise games: We’ve kept a few tricks up our sleeves and are excited for you to discover all the hidden gems that were added to our catalogue while our Kickstarter campaign progressed. 
  • Profile badges: You’ll be able to display your awesome backer powers on the platform, on your username for instance.

On top of these, you can expect the following rewards to arrive on the platform soon 👀:

  • Rewind power: still in development and will come later in 2021 for compatible games. 
  • Your name in the credits: we’ll be collecting your desired display name via Kickstarter’s pledge management survey. Please be mindful and choose wisely as we won’t be able to show any offensive names or nicknames. The platform credits should be added this summer.
  • BYOG GBA/GB, our second stretch goal: development has started.
  • Twitch integration, our third stretch goal: development will start soon.
  • Competition & leaderboard, our fourth stretch goal: development will start soon. 
  • UPDATE: The Kickstarter campaign ended and we’ve reached our sixth stretch goal!! 🤩 BYOG PS1 has been added to our roadmap: development will start soon!

We will open our beta to the public in Summer of 2021, but only our Kickstarter backers will have access to these premium features for now. You’ll be able to explore the platform and share all these perks with your friends, since they don’t need an account to join you on Piepacker! 😁

Exclusive masks

On top of the premium features, we have included a few exclusive masks as rewards for our backers. The first 7 masks will be available in their beta version on May 22nd 🍭

The legendary set of 3 masks is still in development and will arrive this summer. 

Some of these masks have been specially designed for our Kickstarter campaign and will never be offered for sale in the future. So your only chance to get them is to back us on Kickstarter 👾

Surprise and impress your friends with the selection of masks you will receive after the campaign. 

What about the PieReader?

The PieReader, available only through our Kickstarter campaign rewards, is an accessory that completes our platform. It’s main purpose is to give a new life to your collector cartridges and easily share their content with your friends. 

Plug the PieReader to your computer, insert your cartridge, open Piepacker … and invite anyone to join you for a game! ✨

We won’t be able to start the production of our PieReaders until the end of the campaign. We will send them to you as fast as possible. You can expect your PieReader to reach you in November 📦 We’ll be giving you status update on production starting next month. 

Remember that you don’t need to be have premium access to use the PieReader, the device will always work on our platform 😃

Where can I find ROMs to use with BYOG?

Piepacker is not permitted to provide any specific recommendations on how to acquire digital games as part of its commitment with key game publishers.

We encourage our users to seek advice by themselves, join dedicated communities and read more about their local legislations as they vary from one country to another 📚 

By providing its users with a private game room each time, Piepacker does not have any access to the game content played through its advanced BYOG functionality.The legal use of ROMs on Piepacker is the sole responsibility of its users. Please make sure to read our terms of use in case of doubt, everything you need to know about the legal use of games on Piepacker is in there.

Piepacker is still in beta, it’s already great to use and provides us with a lot of fun. But we count on all our beloved users to give as much feedback as possible on the platform so we can improve it quickly and effectively 🐣 

If you have any questions about the early access, please don’t hesitate to contact us on Discord! 💜

One thought on “Early access: everything you need to know

  1. I am very anxious to finally set up my account and look forwards to many hours of fun. I am happy to be a part of this great device and the future possibilities


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