After over a year of hard work and rich feedback, we finally feel ready to open our platform in its beta version to the general public! 

Starting June 8, 2021, anyone can register on Piepacker beta to play with their friends. 

Here’s everything you need to know before you get gaming 🎶

Piepacker has a built-in catalogue of 60+ games that you can play in multiplayer online for free. 

We’ve selected both classic retro games to (re)discover and indie gems for endless multiplayer fun 🕹️ Just sign in to the platform, select a game and send the link to whoever you want so they can join you. 

We also have put together a game studio team who will release exclusive games regularly 💣 The first one is already on the platform for you to enjoy. Let us know what you think of our Arsene Bomber on Discord!

You only need one account to play games up to 4 players. Every game room comes with its integrated video chat system. Virtual couch-gaming is finally here for everyone. 

Our catalogue also contains its fair share of single player games. You can play on your own or invite people to watch you play and pass the control over to them at any time 😁 Just change the order of players in the room: P1 always gets control over the game in single player mode. 

You can play from your keyboard or use any controller you’ve got at hand.

We’ve added our own save system, which means you can save your progress whenever you want on all games! 💾 You can resume playing from where you left off or from your saved file on any computer as long as you’re signed in. 

For extra fun, the video chat comes with virtual 3D masks you can wear while playing! 

You have now access to a beta version of Piepacker

We’re very proud of all the work our team has accomplished so far but we still have room for a lot of improvement on the platform ⚒️ As you play, keep in mind that the platform is still in beta: it is ready to use and all the options have been extensively tested by our team, yet there’s more work to do to ensure the best experience on Piepacker. 

We’re still in the process of improving our platform everyday, and we need your help to do so. Please report any bug you encounter and consult our help center in case of difficulties. 

Some of our features are experimental and only available to our Kickstarter backers 🌟 They will remain the only ones to have access to them for a while. As soon as these features are ready for everyone, we’ll let you know. 

For now, you can only play from Google Chrome on a computer. Make sure your internet connection is stable before joining a multiplayer game. 

Our aim is to offer a great service to every part of the globe by the end of 2021. We’ve started with Western Europe, North America and Australia 🌏 In these locations, our service works well. Soon, we’ll expand our coverage to other areas! We’ll keep you posted on our progress.


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