Piepacker’s first open global competition


Come and challenge yourself and the community on Piepacker!

UPDATE: The Xeno Crisis tournament and the following Arsène Lupin tournament will start on Wednesdays afternoon and last until the following Mondays. That’s 5 DAYS to try and get the highest scores!

This is it! Piepacker’s first global competition is about to start! 🏆

Piepacker is teaming up with Gamers Without Borders to bring this special tournament to you. GWB is a charity event gathering gamers and entertainers from all over the world to raise funds for international non-profits working on bringing the Covid vaccine to areas in need 🌍

The Flashback Challenges will happen every Wednesday at 20:00 CEST for 4 weeks starting on June 23rd. Each day of the competition, one of our lovely indies will take the spotlight. Streamers, including Mizkif, Daltoosh, Yvonnie, DanucD and JonSandman, will participate with their own teams for unprecedented evenings of fun 📺 

Watch all GWB events live here!

Anyone with a Piepacker account can also get into the spirit of the Flashback Challenges by playing our game of the day in competition mode! 🎮 The only thing you’ll need is one Piepacker account for your team leader. 

  • On June 23rd: Micro Mages tournament (1 to 4 players): The more enemies you take down, the higher your score! Any object you pick up will give your team extra points! 
  • On June 30th: Xeno Crisis tournament (1 to 2 players): Blast open the alien invaders to get them points! Watch out, you only have a limited number of pills! If you fail in your mission too much it’ll be game over! 
  • On July 7th: Arsène Lupin: Gentleman Bomber tournament (2 to 4 players): Coins, coins, coins… It’s all about the money for Arsène and his friends! But wait! What’s that in the shadows? 
  • On July 14th: the Flashback Grand Final! A brand new Arsène Lupin: Gentleman Bomber game mode with Twitch live interactions. Come help or hinder the players and cheer your Community Heroes as they take on renowned streamers!  

How does the competition work? ✅


Anyone with a Piepacker account can enter the tournament! Just enter a game room from the Piepacker x GWB slide in Piepacker! Once in the room, you can invite your teammates to join you (or participate alone); your team and its score will be registered at the end of your first game together (when your team finished it or when you all died trying).


The competitions will start on the Wednesdays afternoon, and you will have 5 days to play as much as you dare and get the highest score you can to grab one of the top spots 🥊


Saves will be disabled during the competition, please don’t quit the game without having your score saved or it won’t be registered.


The leaderboard is divided based on the number of people on your team. You can participate as many times as you want, with different teammates! Your score is calculated based on how well you play the game as a team.  


At the end of the event, every participant will receive an exclusive Arsène Lupin mask and a rare new badge! If you and your team end up on the podium, you’ll be able to display an awesome “GWB leader” badge 🌟 And the winning team of the 4-person Arsene Bomber challenge will face off celebrity streamers on the 14th of July!  

⌛We’ll see you for the first competition playing Micro Mages on Tuesday 22nd at 20:00 CEST and for the first GWB stream on Wednesday 23rd!

🗓️ We’ll see you for the second competition on Xeno Crisis starting Wednesday 30th afternoon and for the second GWB stream at 20:00 CEST!

Stay tuned on Twitter and Discord!


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