First retrogaming Piepacker challenge!

Thanks to you, Piepacker’s Flashback Challenge was a BLAST!

In the past month, we’ve been having a lot of fun organizing 3 competitions and 4 live events, including a participative Twitch experiment in which the viewers controlled a character in the game 👾 Over 4 nights, more than 220k gamers from around the planet gathered virtually to watch the streams from Gamers Without Borders’ charitable event, who kindly believed in our platform to deliver fun retrogaming nights.

We’ve been delighted to see how much fun the 9 star streamers had on Piepacker. Big up to jonsandman, daltoosh, buddha, mizkif, yvonnie, danucd, clix, tubbo, and nihachu who faced our challenges like the pros they are! 

The Piepacker team would like to thank and congratulate everyone who participated in our first ever competitions on our platform 🏆

Since June 23rd, you completed 20,000 multiplayer challenges on Piepacker and played for a grand total of 1 million minutes!

You’ve collectively scored 15 million points across Micro Mages, Xeno Crisis and Arsène Bomber!

Every participant has unlocked an exclusive badge and the White Fancy Arsène mask! Every winning team has unlocked an even more exclusive badge! 

And let’s never forget our community heroes, Bizn355, JbarHomie (replaced by DreamyWarrior00), stravv, and Silen, who bravely fought live during the finale with the mischievous interventions of the streams’ chats.

Welcome to all our new Piepacker members! Don’t forget to join our Discord to meet other gamers 😉

Thanks again everyone for making the Flashback Challenges possible and helping Gamers Without Borders support international charities 💜

Stay tuned for our next competitive event! 

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