Behind the scenes: Arsène Bomber

Arsène Bomber is Piepacker Studios’ very first original game. The team has opened up about its development and for the first time, we’ll share with you all the anecdotes no one else knows about. From the conceptualization of the gameplay to the selection and refining of the art style, here’s how Arsène Bomber came toContinue reading “Behind the scenes: Arsène Bomber”

Piepacker at Gamescom

Piepacker is going to Gamescom 2021 (virtually)! This week, Piepacker has its own digital booth in the Retro Area of Gamescom 2021. For obvious reasons we shall not name (🦠) Gamescom will be held 100% online this year. The good news is that you can join the fun from anywhere! Let’s meet up in digitalContinue reading “Piepacker at Gamescom”

Indie Stories: Fresh Retro Gaming Talents

Piepacker thrives to add more and more great games to its catalogue. This week, we integrated three new NES indies which will convince anyone who doubted it that great games today don’t necessarily come in HD.  In honor of Piepacker’s Pixel Summer, we have asked the games’ creators to tell us more about their creativeContinue reading “Indie Stories: Fresh Retro Gaming Talents”

First retrogaming Piepacker challenge!

Thanks to you, Piepacker’s Flashback Challenge was a BLAST! In the past month, we’ve been having a lot of fun organizing 3 competitions and 4 live events, including a participative Twitch experiment in which the viewers controlled a character in the game 👾 Over 4 nights, more than 220k gamers from around the planet gatheredContinue reading “First retrogaming Piepacker challenge!”

Piepacker’s first open global competition

PIEPACKER x GWB  Come and challenge yourself and the community on Piepacker! UPDATE: The Xeno Crisis tournament and the following Arsène Lupin tournament will start on Wednesdays afternoon and last until the following Mondays. That’s 5 DAYS to try and get the highest scores! This is it! Piepacker’s first global competition is about to start!Continue reading “Piepacker’s first open global competition”


After over a year of hard work and rich feedback, we finally feel ready to open our platform in its beta version to the general public!  Starting June 8, 2021, anyone can register on Piepacker beta to play with their friends.  Here’s everything you need to know before you get gaming 🎶 Piepacker has aContinue reading “GRAND OPENING: PIEPACKER BETA”

Early access: everything you need to know

Thanks to our backers, our project can now move on to the next chapter of the adventure! Whether you have already backed us on Kickstarter and are now waiting for the early access to start, or you are still considering pledging in these last few days, here’s everything you need to know about what awaitsContinue reading “Early access: everything you need to know”