First retrogaming Piepacker challenge!

Thanks to you, Piepacker’s Flashback Challenge was a BLAST! In the past month, we’ve been having a lot of fun organizing 3 competitions and 4 live events, including a participative Twitch experiment in which the viewers controlled a character in the game 👾 Over 4 nights, more than 220k gamers from around the planet gatheredContinue reading “First retrogaming Piepacker challenge!”

Piepacker’s first open global competition

PIEPACKER x GWB  Come and challenge yourself and the community on Piepacker! UPDATE: The Xeno Crisis tournament and the following Arsène Lupin tournament will start on Wednesdays afternoon and last until the following Mondays. That’s 5 DAYS to try and get the highest scores! This is it! Piepacker’s first global competition is about to start!Continue reading “Piepacker’s first open global competition”